Wings Cafe ~ Fullerton, California

I found another great little cafe at a regional airport in Fullerton, California, you must go!

Fullerton, California is a town tucked into central Orange County, California not far from Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm.  This cool little town has a quaint downtown area with boutique shops, a tea shop, restaurants, breweries and bars.

Away from the downtown area, nestled amidst older neighborhoods is the Fullerton Regional Airport.  Dating back to 1913, when the former pig farm with a makeshift dirt land strip, the land was used by crop dusters, the airport’s official birthday dates back to 1927.

I have fond memories of the airport from the few years  I lived in Fullerton in the 80’s. They offered helicopter flights from the airport to LAX where you could easily connect with your commercial flights.

To go back to the airport brought back fun memories and to dine at Wings Cafe was pure diner heaven.

The cafe is entirely aviation themed, and opened in October 2015 by local restaurateurs Brian and Sherri White. The decor features authentic aviation themed items including some interesting vintage pieces.

Entering the restaurant from the main airport building, you can’t miss the cafe.  The sliding doors are etched with a large airplane and the floor is a lit runway.  The main dining room features high top tables, all of which are placed carefully around the room so each diner has views out of the large picture windows to the runway.

The menu is filled with all of your favorite breakfast dishes from, eggs, bacon and sausage to omelets, breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burrito, french toast, pancakes and waffles even beautifully cooked and creamy eggs benedict.

The lunch menu offers diners dishes that take you back to  your childhood favorites, and are pure and simple comfort food dishes.  Hot dogs, chili dogs, burgers, chili size and bowls of hot homemade chili, patty melt, egg salad sandwich and even a tuna melt.  You will also find a few salad choices, malts, shakes, freezes and ice cream sodas.  Looking for something a bit stronger, yes, they offer beer, wine and mimosas too.

We loved sitting against the window watching planes take off and land, even a helicopter or two,  Wings Cafe is great for the kids, offering great views and scrumptious comfort food and authentic diner style dishes.

Search out the unique and local spots, you will never be disappointed.

Until next time, travel safe.

Lodi Airport Cafe

Are you the type of traveler that searches out the hidden gems when you travel, or do you prefer a chain restaurant and something you are comfortable with?

When traveling and even when home, I love to find the hidden gems. On a recent trip we discovered a different type of American style diner, serving pure and simple comfort food, and now I’m hooked, so bear with me as I share my favorites with you occasionally. Many local and regional airports have hometown, diner style restaurants serving some incredible food, and I’m setting out to discover as many as I can to share with you.

California Highway 99 is a 4 lane highway, with only 2 lanes in each direction that runs North and South in California splitting off the 5 freeway just over the grapevine and it snakes up the Central Valley ending near Red Bluff, California.

There are some great little towns along the road where you can find some mom and pop style eateries and make for wonderful stops to eat and explore.

Following Hwy 99 north, we were headed to Lodi, California to spend a few days exploring this up and coming wine region.  Lodi is a small, friendly town with some great wineries and eateries.  Located just a smidge north out of town is the local, regional Lodi airport. Sitting alongside the runway is the Lodi Airport Cafe.

Lodi Airport Cafe is family owned and was remodeled about 3 years ago.  As you step in the door,you will feel right at home. The interior is clean, and bright, giving you the sense of eating in an airport hanger with the corrugated ceiling and airplane memorabilia sprinkled around the cafe.

Our server immediately greeted us, seated us and had coffee and tea on the table. The breakfast menu has plenty of choices from Two Egg Breakfasts, sweet dishes of waffles, pancakes and french toast; Pilot specials and omelets.  The cafe is known for their homemade focaccia made fresh every morning, so we settled on the Focaccia Breakfast sandwich.  The tender and soft melt in your mouth bread was filled with grilled ham, creamy scrambled eggs and melted cheese, be sure to add some fresh sliced avocado for the perfect bite.  The sandwich comes with a side of potatoes that were grilled, not greasy and so well flavored with bits of chopped onion. The omelets are large and perfectly cooked.


The lunch menu looks equally as delicious.  Filled with fresh burger choices and plenty of sandwiches, several with offer that same amazing focaccia bread. The salads are made with only fresh ingredients.  Their Sunshine Salad is the most popular and is filled with tender greens, mandarin oranges, chopped pecans, green onions, cranberries, avocado, feta cheese, and grilled chicken sits atop the salad and  drizzled with the Lodi Airport Cafe’s famous homemade poppy seed dressing.

As you eat, you will enjoy watching the sky diver’s take off and then take flight coming in for their landings right outside the window.

If you find yourself outside Lodi on Hwy 99 and in need of breakfast or lunch; stop in for a break and a fantastic meal. You will enjoy the fun of watching planes take off, land and sky diver’s filling the sky as they make their way back to the airport.

Until next time,

The Orange County Brewery Tour Continues

Hey everyone, it is has been awhile, but we are talking more Orange County breweries again.  Just when I think we are on the last leg of the journey, more continue to pop up, which is really cool.

I read an article the other day about beer.  Did you know that beer contains the nutrients needed for human survival? The article went on to say that the health benefits of beer include reducing the risk of kidney stones. Beer aids in post-workout recovery and boosts the immune system.  So Cheers!

We will start in Central Orange County first.

Hoparazzi Brewing Company is located just around the corner from Bottle Logic at 2898 La Palma Ave. Ste D in Anaheim.  This great little microbrewery celebrated it’s one year anniversary in January and I hope they have many more to come.

Open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only, Hoparazzi has beers for everyone.  They offer a nice selection of IPA’s, Stouts and are doing some beautiful sours.  Steve has been brewing for over 15 years and his sours are unlike any we have tried recently.  They are very fruit forward and really great.  I am starting to love sours as they aren’t hoppy.




On our visit we met Lisa, the owner and she is so fun and very friendly. The tasting room has a beautiful and large bar.  She bought the wood alleys from a Midwest bowling alley that was closing.  Thinking she would plane them down smaller, she decided to keep the alleys in tact and just as they were.  With a new coat of varnish she built the bar and it is very cool.

The brewery is bright and so clean you could drink from the floor.  We all know a good way to tell about the cleanliness of a restaurant is to check the bathroom.  Well, at Hoparazzi, you must.  The bathrooms are spotless, just a bit different and for the girls, the floor has glitter and a mini chandelier.  You can’t miss this brewery, it is a great spot to hang out, enjoy some really tasty beer and lively conversation.

Stereo Brewing in Placentia is another newby to the OC beer scene.  They recently opened in October 2016 and are quickly becoming a favorite spot.  From the moment you walk in the door you feel the energy and hear the vinyls they are spinning on the turntable.

The tasting room is a good size, there is plenty of room for you and a group of friends to hang out.  They have a nice bar with quite a few tables.  If there is room at the bar, pull up a stool and visit with the employees and the owner.  He has worked at several breweries and been brewing beer for quite awhile.  After visiting so many breweries, you find a favorite and you can taste the passion they have in the flavor of the beers.  At Stereo, you will taste the passion and attention to detail in the brewing.  On the weekends food trucks make an appearance and are serving food. Check their social media as on some evenings they will have live bands.

Heading down south to San Clemente,  make this an all day adventure.  Walk out on the pier, shop in the downtown area and do some beer tasting at the 3 breweries in town.


Artifex Brewing is a small little microbrewery, located in an industrial park.  Inside you will find a few tables with a few on the patio.  The staff was friendly and very willing to recommend beers to fit with your taste buds.  We visited on a Thursday afternoon and the brewery was pretty quiet except for the brewers working.  We ordered a tasting flight and sampled their IPA’s, Double IPA’s, a red ale and a stout or two.

Lost Winds Brewing Company is located across the street from Artifex in another industrial complex.  This microbrewery has only been open for a few months.  The tasting room has a nice L shaped bar with a few wine barrel tables scattered around the tasting room.  Sitting at the bar is always the best spot to be, you can learn a lot about their history and the beers while tasting and talking to the staff.  The beers at Lost Winds were very nice.  They pour Saisons, Blonde, Belgian and Pale ales with a stout or two and a nitro infused Belgian Style Ale.

We met some really nice people from out of town who were enjoying a beautiful, sunny Southern California day.  Lost Winds is a fun spot to hang out with friends.  If you happen to find “Happy Birthday Baby Jesus” on the beer board, give it a go.

Left Coast Brewing is just up the road from Artifex and Lost Winds.  Here we met Sam in the tasting room as we pulled up to the bar.  Left Coast has a large tasting room and a large listing of beers to taste.

The brewery is owned by the family who owns Oggi’s restaurants.  They have big plans for expanding the brewery side of the business.  In my opinion, Left Coast is not a microbrewery and the beers are not brewed at this location in San Clemente, with that said, we found some dark, creamy and rich stouts to taste. We also tried their barrel aged stout and a roasted peanut stout, both were scrumptious. Sam was very knowledgeable about the beers and loves to chat with you.

In between tasting or before you head up the hill to the breweries a great little spot for lunch is Brick Pizzeria in the downtown area.  The pizza is incredible and now I understand why they were voted one of the top Pizzeria’s in Orange County.  Grab a pizza and take your leftovers with you to help soak up the beer.

Have fun, be responsible in drinking and driving and enjoy the breweries of Orange County.

Until next time, Cheers!


More Orange County Breweries

Anaheim, California is becoming a city of craft breweries.  The mayor has worked hard to open the city to these micro brewers.  There are so many now, there really is brewery trail around the city. So let’s discover a few more, and one in South Orange County.

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Tea Time in Costa Mesa, California


If you look you can find some little treasures in your own backyard. Royal Tea and Treatery in Costa Mesa, California is one of those little treasures in more ways than one.

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O.C Brews Part 2

beer flight

How time flies, back in April I posted about some great Orange County, California breweries and promised to review the rest of them soon.  Here we are in August and I’m just getting around to sharing a few more fun breweries.  Just when I think I’ve hit them all, more seem to be popping up.

When you think of Anaheim, California, let me guess Disneyland comes to mind?  While Anaheim is home to the mouse, it is one Orange County city that has become alive with breweries.

Let’s get started,

Phantom Ales, Anaheim, California

IMG_20160703_101748 IMG_20160703_111303 IMG_20160703_111337 IMG_20160703_111547

Phantom Ales is located in an Industrial area, nestled on a cul de sac.  The brewery is not only a microbrewery, they also have a kitchen which serves some really nice appetizer’s and snacks.  For the home brewer, they have kits and plenty of supplies.  Phantom Ales also offers home brewing classes.

The beers are quite nice.  The brewery is making some meaty, full bodied coffee stouts, IPA’s and the double IPA is light, and hoppy.

The brewers are making some great ciders.  The ciders are barrel aged and some taste like a  fine sparkling wine, perfect for a warm day and easily drinkable.

IMG_20160703_113627 IMG_20160703_114213




Phantom Ales has a kitchen on site and they offer some tasty dishes to help soak up the beer.  The mac and cheese is the ultimate in comfort food.  The saucy is cheesy and creamy and overflowing with chopped Applewood bacon.







Noble Ale Works, Anaheim, California

IMG_20160703_100718 IMG_20160703_122157

Another great Anaheim Brewery tucked in to an Industrial area not to far from Anaheim Stadium and a stones throw from Honda Center; a great spot to enjoy a beer before a Baseball or Hockey game.

Noble Ale Works has a good size tasting room with a few tables and a long bar in the side room which overlooks the tank room.  They have a huge big screen TV perfect for watching a sporting event with a beer or two.

The beers are unique, some quite hoppy,  the dark beers have a nice texture and thickness.  You will certainly find a favorite here.

The tasting flights give you 5 beers, of your choice.  Their Nose Candy beer is a 2015 Bronze Medal winner, is a Session IPA, light bodied and will remind you of a mix between pink Nerds, Airheads and a melted Big Stick popsicle.  Man’s Milk is Noble’s version of Milk Stout.  It is served on Nitro which gives a different taste.  The beer is black and gives notes of dark chocolate. The Naughty Sauce beer is a creation in partnership with Portola Coffee.  The beer is creamy, yet full-bodied and gives a hint of pecan pie.

IMG_20160703_123836 IMG_20160703_122414


They do have food trucks pop in if you are looking for food.  We found the staff to be friendly and more than happy to explain their beers, flavor profiles and tastings that fit your wants.

Bottle Logic, Anaheim, California

IMG_20160703_102243 IMG_20160716_120443

Bottle Logic, another Anaheim treasure is not far from Phantom Ales if you want to give them both a try in the same day.  It is a really cool spot to hang out and enjoy some great beer.

The brewery is a cross between Big Bang Theory and Nerdy chic.  The staff is really friendly and very efficient.  This brewery gets packed.  The day we visited, the line was out the door and it stayed that way our entire stay.  The staff manages to serve guests at the bar and keep the line moving.








They have a nice outdoor patio, a good size indoor bar and tables along with a few communal tables in a side alcove.  They are going to be expanding in the near future.

You will find two tasting path options, The Constants and a Specialty Beer list.


The Constant flight gives you 5 tastings, starting with their Blonde Ale, which is fruity and just a good smooth everyday beer.  Common Knowledge is a tad sweet and very smooth.  It is a traditional steam beer giving it a high carbonation.  The Lagerithm is a Dark American beer, while really tasty it is not as dark as a porter, but nutty and delicious.  The Calf Life is a Milk Stout and finish with the Double Actuator a Double IPA.  We added in a few extra’s, the Cobaltic Porter is a Baltic Style Porter.  It is a nice coffee flavored beer and very smooth.  The Neighbor of the Beast is their Black IPL.  Looking for something unique, the Teacursion is extremely popular and is their West coast IPA, blended with Earl Grey and Jasmine tea.

Bruery Terreux, a new one in Anaheim, California


Bruery Terreux is the sister brewery to the Bruery in Placentia, California, but these two sister’s couldn’t be more different.

Bruery Terreux is rustic, yet trendy and a really fun spot to be for a few hours.  The tasting room is fairly large and roomy and they also have a fantastic patio with plenty of seating.

IMG_20160723_115947 IMG_20160723_115940 IMG_20160723_115849

The Bruery opened on July 8, 2016 and is pouring wilds and sour ales, all barrel aged in the barrel room.


You will find 20+ beers on the flight sheet.  A tasting flight will give you 5 2oz pours and each pour ranges in price from $1.00 to $3.50.  You will have decisions to make from the Jardinier, a Belgian Style Pale Ale to the Berliner Weisse an oak aged sour blonde Saison to an Imperial Wit with notes of raspberries.


The Jardinier is a nice sour beer, but fruity.  If you don’t love a real hoppy beer this one is a great choice. The Loakal Red is a hoppy American red ale aged in oak.  Random Summer is a barrel fermented Saison.  This beer is good and has a soft finish.   Beret is an Imperial Wit, it tastes like a sour but not bold and not real tart.

Share This, a sturdy Imperial Stout with coffee, nice and full bodied.   They are even pouring a Cordial BBLS, tastes just like a cherry cordial.  A stout beer blended with cacao nibs, cherry and vanilla.

Check their website and calendar for their food truck schedule.  Bruery Terreux is something new, exciting and a great addition to the Anaheim Brewery scene.

Again, just when I think I have hit the end of the OC Breweries, more pop-up.  It looks like there will be a few more posts to cover the other breweries.  There are still 8+ breweries to go and I look forward to sharing them with you in hopes you will find your favorite.

Drink Responsibly,


Wine Country ~Lodi, California










I got some funny looks recently when I said I was heading to Lodi, California to do some wine tasting.  You may be wondering the same question, so let me explain.

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Cavallo Point ~ Historic Luxury

San Francisco, the city by the bay is a vibrant city and so much fun to explore, but sometimes, you want to get out of the city and breathe.

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Morro Bay Getaway

morro bay at dusk





Do you ever feel the need to get away for a day or two?  A short change in scenery and quick getaway can renew the soul.

For those that live in California, Morro Bay is one of those destinations that is peaceful,  quaint  and perfect for a weekend away.  If you are visiting the coast of California, Morro Bay is a must see.

Where to stay, the Anderson is in my opinion the best place to stay on the bay.  This tiny boutique property is right on the Embarcadero.  The Anderson family is friendly, really fun and helpful in offering places to eat and things to do. Mollie works in the front office and runs the Inn with both of her brother’s and they are fantastic people.  After meeting them, you will know why this Inn is so special.

The Inn has 8 rooms, a few with full bay views and the remainder have partial bay views.  The rooms are spotlessly clean and really bring the bay and beach indoors with the hues of the ocean.  While staying here you can easily walk the entire Embarcadero and enjoy the activities the bay has to offer. The rooms are contemporary, yet comfortable and spacious.

Along the Embarcadero you will find little eateries and shops.   A few steps away from the Inn is Chateau Margene tasting room.  We discovered this winery in Paso Robles and they now have a tasting room in Morro Bay.  This beautiful tasting room is bright and comfortable with a fun staff, so pull up a stool and the only choice you will have to make is which wine path to take.  Taste either the El Pistolero wines or the luxurious Chateau Margene wines.  Personally, I love the El Pistolero and their Pinot Noir has a beautiful smokey taste, yet it is smooth with many layers of fruit and leather.  I know leather doesn’t sound good when tasting wine, but it is the only way to explain the richness and smokiness of this beautiful wine.










From Chateau Margene, wander, stroll or walk towards Morro Rock just around the corner you will find Stax Wine Bar.  A really cool spot to sit up at the bar, soak in the many wine varietals on the menu.  They have some fantastic appetizers to pair with the wines.

Having skipped lunch, I needed something a bit substantial before dinner and their appetizer menu has some excellent choices. Finally settling on one of the many Crostini choices, Crostini ala Filet Mignon.IMG_20160610_171558The bread was toasted to perfection, topped with shaved Parmesan cheese, fresh Arugula, tender strips of Filet and a fresh basil aioli.  The dish was scrumptious and the perfect accompaniment to the red wine.





After hanging out, eating and savoring a glass of wine, it is time to move on to dinner.  Directly below the rooms at The Anderson is The Galley restaurant.  The restaurant came highly recommended and I understand why.  Most of the staff have been working at the Galley for many years or have had family employed for a long time, they love the restaurant and take pride in the food and service.

The Galley












The staff could not have been more friendly and knowledgeable.  Each dish was explained in detail and in a way that makes you want each and every one.  Finally making a decision, the scallops and crab cakes were amazing.  The scallops had a nice sear on the outside, yet tender on the inside. Served with garlic mashed potatoes and fresh grilled asparagus.











The dungenous crab cakes are some of the best I have had.  How many times have you ordered crab cakes and they come with a little bit of crab and a lot of breading and filler, not so at The Galley.  These beauties, had a bit of breading on the outside and filled with pure sweet and juicy crab in the middle.







The red pepper and herb coulis was spicy and creamy and had a fresh herb flavor that elevated the crab to pure perfection.

The next morning, I was headed to Sausalito and needed a quick bite of breakfast.  Stopped into Crills II, a little candy shop, with salt water taffy, but they also make huge Cinnamon Rolls, and who can resist an Cinnamon Roll?  You will have choices to make, plain or covered in freshly chopped nuts with cream cheese icing on the side.

IMG_20160611_101304 Drove down towards Morro Rock, parked overlooking the bay, watched all the boats, paddle boarders and kayaker’s play in the water and savored my sweet treat and feeling sad to be leaving Morro Bay.

Next stop, Cavallo Point, Sausalito.


Travel Safe,


O.C. Brews

Cheers!  After having explored quite a few Mom and Pop BBQ joints around Orange County, I thought it would be fun to share with you some favorite microbreweries in the O.C to go with the Q.

I have to admit, I am not a beer drinker, so what qualifies me to write about the micro brews you may wonder?  I visit with beer connoisseurs and many of these micro breweries offer more than beer, which should make you non-beer drinkers happy.

So let’s hit it,

The micro brewery culture has been around for a long time and they seem to be popping up everywhere and  Orange County, Ca has some great places to visit and try the local beers.


Surf City, Huntington Beach has several and I haven’t been to them all, so watch for updates. ****See an Update on this brewery below.
Beach City Brewery is a fun spot and is the first brewery to land in Huntington Beach.  You won’t find ocean views, but a very cool spot with ocean breezes and no sand.  Located in an Industrial area about 3 to 4 miles from the beach, the microbrewery is a very relaxed, kickback, urban place to hang out.   The have a nice bar with picnic tables spread around the brewery where you can hang with friends.  The staff couldn’t be nicer and they are extremely helpful in guiding you to pick your favorite brews to try and maybe some you don’t typically drink, but will find you like.

The beer selection is really nice and they offer a variety of IPA’s, dark brews a few saissons and limited runs.

Follow them on Facebook to see Food trucks that may be partnering for an evening or fun event.

The brewery only serves beer, no wine and unless there is a food truck, they don’t have a kitchen to supply food.

Find them at

Next stop is Barley Forge in Costa Mesa, Calif.



Barley Forge is a hidden gem of sorts, located in a small industrial area off of Baker and Randolph St. in Costa Mesa,  you will find the craft brewery at the end of a building with limited parking, but don’t let that deter you.  They have a really nice tasting room and some very cool beers.


Grab a bag of popcorn  to help soak up the suds, water for those that prefer or house-made soda and wine for us non-beer drinkers.

20150628_132448 20150628_132718













Barley Forge has a really nice food menu too, which makes it easy to spend a few hours.







While the brewery is not a BBQ joint, let me tell you they have the best pulled pork sliders that compete with some of the best around the county.  You get 2 sliders per order and they are served on a nice soft roll, with tender, smokey pulled pork, a nice fresh crunchy slaw and a beer mustard sauce.

The Chili is pretty darn good too, and pairs perfectly with a nice dark ale.


Pulled Pork Sliders


















Barley Forge:

Heading on in to Inland Orange County, our next stop is The Bruery in Placentia, CA.

20150926_140728 20150926_140844










The Bruery is another spot that is a bit  hidden in an industrial area, but is right off the 57 freeway and Orangethorpe, on Dunn Way.  You can’t miss the silo with The Bruery painted on the top.

The Bruery has a nice size tasting room and it fills quickly.  There are a lot of tables and nice long bar.  The room is filled with barrels, tables, and a lot of dark woods to warm up the joint.

20150926_120247 20150926_120228








First head to the bar to make your selections and take your tasting tray to a table and settle in for a few hours. They have some nice beer and at the time we were there they were offering a few limited brews which were nice and smokey and aged in bourbon barrels.







They do bring in Food trucks on weekends, check their schedules online or Facebook. My only disappointment was the lack of enthusiasm with the bartenders, they didn’t seem to want to interact, explain their beers or care about what you preferred.  This is the first time we have encountered this type of staff, it’s a bummer.

The Bruery:

Our last stop for today is Bootlegger’s Brewery in Fullerton, CAIMG_20160416_100240 IMG_20160416_100245












Located near downtown Fullerton on the outskirts of the SoCo district, on Highland Ave., off Commonwealth, this microbrewery has some fantastic beer.  The urban area has lots shops, little cafe’s and eateries nearby in downtown Fullerton.  The outdoor patio space is perfect for a warm summer afternoon, of lounging and enjoying a cold one.

The Black Phoenix Stout is one of their most popular beers and is offered year’round.  It is a nice thick dark coffee and chipotle stout and pairs perfectly with grilled or smoked meats, brie and Gouda cheese. Buy a few bottles, head home and grill yourself a burger with brie cheese and you have a great summer meal.

They don’t serve anything other than beer, and no food.  However, right next door is Two Saucy Broads Pizza.  You can call on your cell phone and order a pizza and they will deliver, or get yourself up and walk or stumble across the parking lot and pick up a slice or two.  I can tell you the beer with the pizza, yum!!  The Pizza by itself is pretty amazing too.  Voted one of the best pizza places in Orange County.


Two Saucy Broads:

I hope that gives you a few to try and have fun.  There are quite a few more on the list and over the next month, we are going to set out again, try them and I will add more for your list.

Until next time, Cheers!

*** We went out brewery hopping today for the next blog post.  Got to talking to a couple of people and learned that Beach City Brewery is now closed permanently.  A bit of a disappointment, it was a cool spot.  It has been purchased by Beachwood BBQ in Seal Beach.  Great BBQ by the way.  They are going to use the brewery to brew only, there won’t be a tasting room.  So check this one off your list, it is to late to visit.