More Orange County Breweries

Anaheim, California is becoming a city of craft breweries.  The mayor has worked hard to open the city to these micro brewers.  There are so many now, there really is brewery trail around the city. So let’s discover a few more, and one in South Orange County.

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O.C Brews Part 2

beer flight

How time flies, back in April I posted about some great Orange County, California breweries and promised to review the rest of them soon.  Here we are in August and I’m just getting around to sharing a few more fun breweries.  Just when I think I’ve hit them all, more seem to be popping up.

When you think of Anaheim, California, let me guess Disneyland comes to mind?  While Anaheim is home to the mouse, it is one Orange County city that has become alive with breweries.

Let’s get started,

Phantom Ales, Anaheim, California

IMG_20160703_101748 IMG_20160703_111303 IMG_20160703_111337 IMG_20160703_111547

Phantom Ales is located in an Industrial area, nestled on a cul de sac.  The brewery is not only a microbrewery, they also have a kitchen which serves some really nice appetizer’s and snacks.  For the home brewer, they have kits and plenty of supplies.  Phantom Ales also offers home brewing classes.

The beers are quite nice.  The brewery is making some meaty, full bodied coffee stouts, IPA’s and the double IPA is light, and hoppy.

The brewers are making some great ciders.  The ciders are barrel aged and some taste like a  fine sparkling wine, perfect for a warm day and easily drinkable.

IMG_20160703_113627 IMG_20160703_114213




Phantom Ales has a kitchen on site and they offer some tasty dishes to help soak up the beer.  The mac and cheese is the ultimate in comfort food.  The saucy is cheesy and creamy and overflowing with chopped Applewood bacon.







Noble Ale Works, Anaheim, California

IMG_20160703_100718 IMG_20160703_122157

Another great Anaheim Brewery tucked in to an Industrial area not to far from Anaheim Stadium and a stones throw from Honda Center; a great spot to enjoy a beer before a Baseball or Hockey game.

Noble Ale Works has a good size tasting room with a few tables and a long bar in the side room which overlooks the tank room.  They have a huge big screen TV perfect for watching a sporting event with a beer or two.

The beers are unique, some quite hoppy,  the dark beers have a nice texture and thickness.  You will certainly find a favorite here.

The tasting flights give you 5 beers, of your choice.  Their Nose Candy beer is a 2015 Bronze Medal winner, is a Session IPA, light bodied and will remind you of a mix between pink Nerds, Airheads and a melted Big Stick popsicle.  Man’s Milk is Noble’s version of Milk Stout.  It is served on Nitro which gives a different taste.  The beer is black and gives notes of dark chocolate. The Naughty Sauce beer is a creation in partnership with Portola Coffee.  The beer is creamy, yet full-bodied and gives a hint of pecan pie.

IMG_20160703_123836 IMG_20160703_122414


They do have food trucks pop in if you are looking for food.  We found the staff to be friendly and more than happy to explain their beers, flavor profiles and tastings that fit your wants.

Bottle Logic, Anaheim, California

IMG_20160703_102243 IMG_20160716_120443

Bottle Logic, another Anaheim treasure is not far from Phantom Ales if you want to give them both a try in the same day.  It is a really cool spot to hang out and enjoy some great beer.

The brewery is a cross between Big Bang Theory and Nerdy chic.  The staff is really friendly and very efficient.  This brewery gets packed.  The day we visited, the line was out the door and it stayed that way our entire stay.  The staff manages to serve guests at the bar and keep the line moving.








They have a nice outdoor patio, a good size indoor bar and tables along with a few communal tables in a side alcove.  They are going to be expanding in the near future.

You will find two tasting path options, The Constants and a Specialty Beer list.


The Constant flight gives you 5 tastings, starting with their Blonde Ale, which is fruity and just a good smooth everyday beer.  Common Knowledge is a tad sweet and very smooth.  It is a traditional steam beer giving it a high carbonation.  The Lagerithm is a Dark American beer, while really tasty it is not as dark as a porter, but nutty and delicious.  The Calf Life is a Milk Stout and finish with the Double Actuator a Double IPA.  We added in a few extra’s, the Cobaltic Porter is a Baltic Style Porter.  It is a nice coffee flavored beer and very smooth.  The Neighbor of the Beast is their Black IPL.  Looking for something unique, the Teacursion is extremely popular and is their West coast IPA, blended with Earl Grey and Jasmine tea.

Bruery Terreux, a new one in Anaheim, California


Bruery Terreux is the sister brewery to the Bruery in Placentia, California, but these two sister’s couldn’t be more different.

Bruery Terreux is rustic, yet trendy and a really fun spot to be for a few hours.  The tasting room is fairly large and roomy and they also have a fantastic patio with plenty of seating.

IMG_20160723_115947 IMG_20160723_115940 IMG_20160723_115849

The Bruery opened on July 8, 2016 and is pouring wilds and sour ales, all barrel aged in the barrel room.


You will find 20+ beers on the flight sheet.  A tasting flight will give you 5 2oz pours and each pour ranges in price from $1.00 to $3.50.  You will have decisions to make from the Jardinier, a Belgian Style Pale Ale to the Berliner Weisse an oak aged sour blonde Saison to an Imperial Wit with notes of raspberries.


The Jardinier is a nice sour beer, but fruity.  If you don’t love a real hoppy beer this one is a great choice. The Loakal Red is a hoppy American red ale aged in oak.  Random Summer is a barrel fermented Saison.  This beer is good and has a soft finish.   Beret is an Imperial Wit, it tastes like a sour but not bold and not real tart.

Share This, a sturdy Imperial Stout with coffee, nice and full bodied.   They are even pouring a Cordial BBLS, tastes just like a cherry cordial.  A stout beer blended with cacao nibs, cherry and vanilla.

Check their website and calendar for their food truck schedule.  Bruery Terreux is something new, exciting and a great addition to the Anaheim Brewery scene.

Again, just when I think I have hit the end of the OC Breweries, more pop-up.  It looks like there will be a few more posts to cover the other breweries.  There are still 8+ breweries to go and I look forward to sharing them with you in hopes you will find your favorite.

Drink Responsibly,


National Parks 100th Anniversary ~ Hidden Gems

The National Parks are celebrating their 100th Anniversary this year. The National Park System protect some of the most special places in the United States and each one is a treasure.

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Calling all Car Enthusiasts

20150920_110244Automobile Driving Museum



Who doesn’t love cars, especially the classics?  The Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo is another of Los Angeles’ hidden treasures.

The museum is located in an old brick building off of Lairport in El Segundo and is worth a visit.

The museum is on the smaller side, yet packed with cars.  They house the Herbie car that Lindsey Lohan drove in the most recent Love Bug movie; the  1936 Packard Phaeton which Louis Zamperini’s family rode in during the Rose Parade and was owned by Joseph Stalin.  A 1941 Cadillac ordered and owned by Clark Gable, along with other classic cars. The museum wants you to get up close and personal with the cars, unlike many other car museums.20150920_104141

On Sunday’s from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, the staff pulls 3 cars out of the museum and they offer rides.  I love this, you actually get to climb in and have one of the docents drive you around El Segundo.  This past weekend, we checked out the museum and took a ride in a 1931 Ford Model A, 1932 Buick 90 Victoria and the 1936 Packard Phaeton.  We had a ball, and the cars are beautiful, they don’t make like this anymore.













After you check out the cars, stop in to the old fashioned ice cream parlor for a sweet treat.  The museum takes you back to a bygone era and you can’t help but smile after a fun few hours.









For more information on the museum and to see what cars are being driven each week, check out their website.

Enjoy the ride,







An Aviation Day in L.A







I want to share a hidden treasure in Los Angeles with you.  If you are an aviation enthusiast, you will love this not so little gem.

If you find yourself in Los Angeles in or around LAX give yourself a little extra time and visit the Flight Path Learning Center and Museum.  If you have guests that you are picking up or dropping off at LAX, take them.

The Flight Path museum is located on W. Imperial Hwy. and sits on LAX property.  Flight Path is not an airplane museum, but a museum that tells the story of aviation history through it’s exhibits of airlines that have come and gone, flight attendant and pilot uniforms through the years, and the history of LAX.  You will find exhibits showcasing airline china when flying was fun and an experience.

They have an old DC3 plane on the property.  With a docent you can step aboard, walk the aisle, take a trip back in time and sit in the cockpit.

The docents are knowledgeable, passionate and excited to share their love of aviation and the airline industry.  The docents we met and talked with all have one common thread, they were flight attendants, married pilots and worked in the industry.

One gentleman who has a deep love of aviation has loaned the museum his collection of metal airplanes all of which have been or are planes flying our skies today.  Another glass display case houses his treasured models, built to perfection with his own hands.  Take some time to appreciate his work and the history shown through these models.

Ethel Pattison who spearheaded the efforts with a small group of volunteers to create this fascinating museum.  Ethel is 90 years young and we were privileged to meet her on our visit.  Her enthusiasm is infectious and you quickly see why this museum is successful and fun.

Parking at the museum is easy, there is no fee for the museum, but they do have a small box up front for donations.

I challenge you to spend time with the docents, they will teach you something you didn’t know and be sure to ask them to show you a picture of something at LAX and explain how the letters LAX are incorporated into the architecture and design of the airport.  You will be surprised.







Entrance to restaurant






20150912_115633 The Proud Bird








To continue your aviation day in L.A, head over to the Proud Bird Restaurant.  Located right near the airport, this L.A icon has been in business since 1967 and proudly sits near one of the runways at the busy airport.  Inside you will find aviation history through photos, the old replicas of planes gracing the lawn and large windows that allow you to watch planes take off and land.

Do your best to get a table next to the window as they have two headsets per table where you can listen to the tower and air controllers  talk to the pilots, it is fascinating.  We listened to several planes that were about 10 miles out and the controllers telling them to get in the pattern and which runway to land and then you will see that plane come in, it is so much fun.

The food is American and  good, you will find a club sandwich, hamburger, a few seafood dishes and chicken.  They do offer a lunch buffet which is extensive and very nice.  Service was great and done with a smile.

If you read reviews on TripAdvisor, you will see reviews that say the restaurant is tired, in need of paint etc. It is, but in a quirky way, the restaurant feels like you are stepping back in time, one of old aviation history, but that is about to change.

The restaurant is family owned and they have been renegotiating their lease for several years with the city and LAX.  Obviously the family didn’t want to spend money on renovations only to find that their lease was not being extended.  It was touch and go and it looked like the restaurant was going to close, but with the support they received from the community and patrons, the city and LAX granted a new 20 year lease.  So, the time has come, the restaurant will be closing for several months starting in January 2016 and will be completely renovated.

If you happen to visit before January, look to the left as you walk through the door and you will find several artist renderings of the new Proud Bird.  The restaurant will be modern, hip and beautiful.

I hope you have fun on your day getaway in L.A

Travel Safe,

Whale Watching in Newport Beach, CA

I love discovering treasures in my own backyard and I want to share the latest one with you.  I hesitate for a second, but will.  I just know once the secret gets out, I may miss out on a seat the next time I want to go.

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Lyon Air Museum, Santa Ana, Ca.

LAM 9&10



Are you headed to Orange County, California for a last minute vacation before summers end?  Maybe you live locally and are looking for something to do for a few hours on a Saturday morning, head to the Lyon Air Museum.

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Bower’s Museum and Tangata, Santa Ana, California

Bower's Museum




Are you good about playing a tourist in your home town or area?  I’m not, and I need to do better.

The Bower’s Museum is one of those treasures in our area and I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get there.

Friends had been recently and recommended going to see the current 1968 Exhibit which is only open until September 13, 2015.

With a Saturday open, we decided to check out the exhibit and have lunch at Tangata at Bower’s Museum.  The restaurant has been on my “to eat at list” for a long time.  So here we go….

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Ketchikan, Alaska by Motorcycle

Are you looking for an adventure in Ketchikan? All you need is your motorcycle license and you are in for the ride of your life, it is amazing riding in Ketchikan and exploring the island.






I love Ketchikan, it’s streets lined with shops, Creek street with all of its history and the artsy, boutique shops that now fill this once racy and wild part of town.  But this trip, I wanted to explore, get out of town and see the island.

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Taku Glacier by Hovercraft ~ Juneau, Alaska

What’s new in Juneau for 2015?

Welcome to Juneau, AK

Welcome to Juneau, AK








Having just returned from a 12 night Alaska cruise onboard Celebrity Infinity, it was an amazing trip.  The weather was perfect and the adventures around every corner.

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