Safari; A Memoir of a Worldwide Travel Pioneer by Geoffrey Kent

Safari by Geoffrey Kent

Safari; A Memoir of a Worldwide Travel Pioneer by Geoffrey Kent is a well written book by the brilliant businessman who with his parents created and built the luxury travel tour company Abercrombie and Kent.

I don’t typically review travel books on the blog, but this one I really want to share with you.  If you are a an armchair traveler, you will enjoy the stories.  If you are looking for an adventure and inspiration to get out to somewhere new this book will do that for you.

Safari is not only a book filled with many of the adventures of Geoffrey Kent as he has traveled the world creating and building unique and one of a kind journeys for clients, but one of a man’s dream to build a luxury tour company that gives people something new and different.  He started with virtually nothing and drained his parents accounts to buy the supplies necessary to start his first African Safari.

Not only does he tell of the African Safari trips, but his worldwide travel, building a business and his personal life. While building a camp at Chief’s Camp,  he goes to bed and is suddenly awakened by the load noises of an animal nearby.  He climbs out of bed to see a hyena chewing it’s way into his tent to get at him, scared and panicked he throws items at it and ultimately he chases it off.  The story raised the hair on my arms, it was so vivid I felt I was a silent observer in the corner of the tent.  His adventures flying over Iguazu Falls, backcountry trips into Alaska and his encounter with David Niven as he was in Egypt filming Agatha Christies “Death on the Nile, bring you along as though you feel you are seeing it with him.

Geoffrey is lucky enough to board the paddle-wheeler, Karnak as it is called in the movie, outside of the movie it is the SS Memnon, owned by a wealthy Egyptian man.  Geoffrey loves the boat and contacts the man who owns it to enter into a business contract to start offering his clients cruises on the Nile before they were popular.  The first trip is a disaster with no working toilets and smoke billowing out filling the boat.  Geoffrey offers his clients refunds and flights home, promising them that when he irons out the kinks, they are first to travel with A & K again.

Safari brings you along on all of his travels around the world without having to leave your home if you choose.

Yes, he does do some name dropping of celebrities and dignitaries that he has traveled with.  To some it may be a little off putting, but for those without that type of travel budget it is fun to see how the other half travel.

After Princess Diana’s tragic death, Prince Charles asks Geoffrey Kent to plan and take Prince Harry on another safari.  Hoping to help him death with the tragedy in his life, he plans the perfect trip and brings much joy to a brokenhearted young man.

Abercrombie and Kent is a company concerned about the environment and Geoffrey Kent has worked tirelessly to not leave a footprint in the areas they travel and he has created animal refuge’s in Africa.

I thoroughly enjoyed the business side of the book, the travels and learning more about what they do for my clients when traveling with them.  Some of the adventures he tells about are on my bucket list, while others I won’t see in my lifetime, but hope you do.

After reading the last page, I was inspired to pack my bags and just go, get out there and have another adventure.

The most important effect of travel is that it does in fact change a person’s life and their perspective on the world.  I don’t think he could have said any better.

If you choose to read the book, I hope you are inspired or at least love the travel adventures.  I am grateful he was encouraged to write the book and chose to share his passion with the reader’s.

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Africa ~ Simply Magic

There is something about the magic of Africa that finds its way into you heart and soul, leaving you with memories you will never forget.

Africa is a destination that is becoming very popular for honeymooner’s looking for something different, couples, families and now multi-generational trips.


When you start looking into a trip to Africa and a safari it can be really confusing as there are so many options and places to go to see the wildlife. This week’s blog is going to focus on Kenya and the Masai Mara because it is considered to be a top destination for those looking for an extraordinary safari experience.  The wildlife is abundant and the lodging options are different and unique.  The area is lush and also encompasses the Northern Serengeti.

In this area you will certainly be able to check off seeing the Big Five off of your bucket list.  Here you will be taken by experts on guided game drives and bush walks.  Immerse yourself in the local culture by joining a local family for a traditional dinner, or follow along with Masai warriors on a bush walk, it doesn’t get any better.

Huge herds of plains game and quite a large number of elephants will be seen.  Wake up early and after a nice cup of hot coffee take off for a morning safari with your eyes wide open and cameras ready.  You may see leopards, cheetahs and the black maned lion feasting on the nights hunt.  Follow the Mara river to see hippos and crocs.  Finish your day with your head back in your chair, star-gazing the clear dark skies.

Masai Mara is also a really fascinating place to take a safari at dusk.  Going at dusk you will see nocturnal animals such as leopards, African hares, hyena, banded mongoose and lions. 

Want something unusual and breathtaking?  How about a sunrise hot air balloon ride, giving you a birds eye view over the plains and game.

Maybe you are passionate about seeing The Great Migration?  Seeing the Great Migration of wildebeest can be challenging.  The rains somewhat dictate when the animals move and it can be tricky to time it just right.  Typically you are safe if you find yourself in Kenya’s Masai Mara August through to at least October to see the migration before they return to the Serengeti.

Planning a trip to Africa can be confusing, overwhelming and very time consuming.  I always recommend when planning a trip you use a travel consultant, but even more so when heading to Africa.  This will ensure that you see and experience exactly what you have dreamed about.  This is not an inexpensive destination and you want to make sure you are getting a good value for your money and also the best trip possible for your budget.